Bus Riders

Bus Behavior

● Riders shall follow the instructions and directions of the bus driver at all times. (CF. 3542 – School Bus Drivers)

● Students should arrive at the bus stop no more than five (5) minutes before the arrival time of the bus. Students shall wait at their designated stop in a quiet, orderly fashion.

● Riders shall enter the bus in an orderly manner and go directly to their seats.

● All passengers shall sit facing forward with their arms, feet and legs kept out of the aisle; feet are to be kept off the seats.

● Riders shall remain seated while the bus is in motion and shall not obstruct the aisle with their arms, feet, legs or other objects. While reaching their destination, riders shall remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and only then enter the aisle and go directly to the exit.

● Students who have missed the bus or have any questions regarding which bus to ride should immediately report to the school office.

● Riders should be courteous to the driver and to fellow passengers.

● Because serious safety hazards can result from noise or behavior that distracts the driver, loud talking, laughing, yelling, singing, whistling, scuffling, throwing objects, smoking, eating, drinking, standing and changing seats are prohibited actions which may lead to suspension of riding privileges.

● In no event shall aisles, doors, steps, or emergency exits be blocked. (Large musical items can be stored in the underneath luggage compartment).

● No part of the body, arms, or head should be put out of the window. Nothing should be thrown from the bus.

● Riders shall help keep the bus and the area around the bus stop clean. Riders shall not damage or deface the bus or tamper with bus equipment.

● No animals shall be allowed on the bus, except for Seeing Eye dogs used by a visually impaired student or staff member.

● Riders shall be alert for traffic when leaving the bus.

● Students who must be escorted across the road shall follow the directions of the driver.

● Students pick-up and drop-off at designated/assigned stop only.

● Depending on the severity of the offense, an automatic denial of bus riding privileges, up to twenty (20) days, may be imposed for the following:

○ Fighting, biting, spitting, slapping, hitting or punching;

○ Obscene language or gestures directed at the bus driver or others;

○ Vandalism to the bus and/or private property;

○ Improperly entering/exiting bus, throwing objects out of window or inside bus;

○ Giving false name or disregarding driver’s instruction

○ Defiance/Disruption

A student may be denied transportation for the entire year on any offense, at the discretion of the school district and dependent on the nature of the offense.

Bus drivers shall not deny transportation except as directed by the principal or designee. Section 14103.5 CAC governing pupil transportation states "Pupils transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of and responsible directly to the driver of the bus, and the driver shall be held responsible for the orderly conduct of the pupils while they are on the bus or being escorted across a street, highway or road. CONTINUED DISORDERLY CONDUCT OR PERSISTENT REFUSAL TO SUBMIT TO THE AUTHORITY OF THE DRIVER SHALL BE SUFFICIENT REASON FOR A PUPIL TO BE DENIED TRANSPORTATION BY THE DISTRICT.

A bus driver shall not require any pupil to leave the bus in route between home and school or other destination.

Bus Citation Procedure

Once a student has been verbally warned by the bus driver and the misconduct continues, he/she will receive a second copy of these rules. They are to be reviewed, signed and returned by the parent to the bus driver before the child may ride on the bus again.

1st Incident: Verbal Warning

2nd Incident: Written warning and copy of citation given

3rd Incident: Student will meet with Principal

4th Incident: Student loses bus privileges for 3 days

5th Incident: Student loses bus privileges for 5 days

6th Incident: Student loses bus privileges for remainder of year

Bus Rider forms and rules - This link will take you to the district forms.

If you have any questions about Sylvan Schools transportation, please call.

SUSD Transportation Dept. - (209) 574-5680 Ext. 231