All students at Ustach Middle School have a Chromebook checked out to them. We encourage everyone to purchase technology insurance that has been set up by the Sylvan Union School District or contact your home insurance carrier for an addition to your home insurance policy. For more information, contact our school library, office staff, or district office staff.

Students and parents are responsible for any breakage of Chromebooks or missing/broken charging cords.

Rules for Chromebooks at School

  • Chromebooks need to be in their backpacks before they exit the classroom.
  • Chromebooks are to remain in backpacks during passing periods, breaks, and lunch.
  • Chromebooks can be used in the library when the library is open for students.
  • Warnings are issued for first offenses and subsequent offenses will result in lunch detention, Aeries reports, and parent contact.
  • Do not play with your backpack, and respect the bags and backpacks of your peers.
  • Chromebooks are not to be out in locker rooms or bathrooms.
  • Do not share your password or Chromebooks with other students.
  • When walking to school, or home from school, Chromebooks are to remain in your backpack.
  • Arrive each day for school with a fully charged Chromebook.
  • Always place Chromebooks on a stable surface to use it.
  • Keep all food, drink, and pets away from your Chromebooks.
  • Chromebooks should never be left in a car, even if the car is locked.

Unacceptable Behaviour

  • Using the Chromebook camera to take, forward, or view inappropriate pictures or movies.
  • Using the Chromebooks for capturing, forwarding, or viewing an image of someone without their knowledge.
  • Intentionally visiting websites with inappropriate content.
  • Accessing or sending email from another student's email account or impersonating someone.
  • Deleting history or intentionally trying to cover up inappropriate use.
  • Intentionally damaging, placing stickers, writing, drawing on or otherwise defacing the Chromebooks.
  • Tampering with any restricted codes that have been set on the Chromebooks.

Good Citizenship

  • Students should remember to stay on task in class. Use the Chromebooks only for activities that the teacher approves.
  • During school hours, visit only those websites approved by the teacher or related to the topic the teacher assigns.
  • If you accidentally visit a website with inappropriate content, hit the back button and let a teacher or the IT department know as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your Chromebook isn't distracting you or others in the classroom (for example; games, sounds or screen effects).