Participation in athletics, by their very nature, pose the potential risk of serious injury to individuals who participate. Some of the injuries include, but are not limited to: sprains/strains, cuts/abrasions, head/neck/spine injuries, loss of eyesight, fractured bones, unconsciousness, loss of teeth or dental problems, and/or death.

Participation is voluntary and is not required by the school for credit or graduation requirements.

Participation in athletics is a privilege carrying with it special responsibilities. The public nature of competitive athletics requires standards which exceed the norm and extend beyond the school community.

We expect our student-athletes:

  • ON THE FIELD: to be respectful towards their teammates, coaches, opponents, and officials. They abide by all the rules of the game. They are modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
  • ON CAMPUS: to set an example of good citizenship for their classmates. They should help promote school spirit, and be positive leaders.
  • IN THE CLASSROOM: to show respect for teachers and classmates. They should maintain good attendance, satisfactory academic grades and citizenship.
  • ON TRIPS: to conduct his or her self in such a way that they are good representatives of the team, school, family, and community. Athletes are conscious of their appearance and manners at all times.

Uniforms - Uniforms are expensive, bought as a team set, and are almost impossible to replace. All uniforms loaned to an athlete must be properly maintained by the student and/or family. Any uniform lost or damaged beyond use/repair will be the monetary responsibility of the student/family (about $75). We recommend that you wash on lighter settings and dry uniforms on a low heat setting or hang dry overnight to avoid dryer damage. Uniforms should be returned within a couple of days of the last day of the season and should be given to the coach or athletic director only, so that the student's name can be recorded.

Absences/P.E. participation - If a student is absent from school for any reason or does not participate for a medical reason in P.E., he/she is not allowed to play or practice that day. The student must be at school for the majority of the day to be eligible to practice or play that day.

Transportation - Parents are responsible for transporting their students to and from all practices and events. Coaches will not arrange any transportation for players. SUSD recommends that students only ride with their parents, not with other families.

Students that do not show up to games, without informing the coach ahead of time, due to transportation may be removed from the team.

Coaches will not leave an AWAY location until all athletes have transportation. Any student still at an event 30 minutes after the conclusion of the contest may be suspended from future contests or the team, at the coaches discretion.

Coaching - Most coaches are employees of the district and in most cases, teachers at Ustach Middle School. Any non-employee coaches must go through an employment screening before coaching for SUSD.

All coaching decisions relating to practice times and length, playing time, team make-up (cuts), and discipline are at the sole discretion of the coach(es), with input from the athletic director, and/or administration. Decisions are based, in part, on accepted best practices, previous experience, administrative directives, and in accordance with established rules and regulations of the sport, Sylvan Union School District, California State Education Code, and state and federal law.

Parents - We value your support. We ask that you have timely transportation to and from all events and practices, guide your child through the highs and lows of competition and remember that it's only a game, cheer your student and team, and set a good sportsmanship example towards other players, opposing teams and coaches, and referees. If you have questions about YOUR athlete's participation, we ask that you wait until at least the next day before contacting the coach or athletic director. Competition brings with it many emotions, and we want any discussions to be based on facts, not emotions. WHAT MAKES A NIGHTMARE SPORTS PARENT. (link)

Hazing/Initiation rituals - Any athlete engaging in, or having a part in, hazing or committing any act that injures, degrades, or disgraces any other person will be dismissed from the team and be ineligible for any sport for the remainder of the year. The student may also face disciplinary action from the school district and possible criminal or civil charges.

Admission charges - Most venues will charge admission fees. These fees are $1-$5 per person. These fees help cover the cost of referees, uniforms, and equipment for all sports at our schools. Without these fees, we would not be able to sustain our programs.