This list is may be incomplete.

Drama Club - This is a club for students who want to find their creative genius. Students will learn theater terms, practice stage presence, do sketches and improvisation activities. Students who like theater but don't like being on the stage will learn stage managing skills, directing skills, lighting and soundboard skills. If there are plays in the area that are good we may go see some as well.

Science Olympiad - This club meets October until the day of the Olympiad to practice and prepare for the Science Olympiad in the Spring. Students may be working individually, in pairs, or small groups to get ready and participate in event competition.

TRM - Teens Run Modesto - This club is an extension of the sport of Cross Country. Students will meet several days a week from October to the end of the school year and train for various public event runs throughout the county and state. Students may be running 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, and/or Marathon events throughout the year.