Summary of Middle School Ineligibility

Trimester Ineligibility

● Less than a 2.0 GPA

● 2 or more F's on Trimester report card

● 2 U’s in citizenship on Trimester report card

Note: May petition for removal from list based on the process outlined in the Code of Conduct

● Eligibility status for students is based on the previous trimester grades and reassessed at the end of the first, second, and third trimesters for participation in extracurricular activities during the following trimester. Students who receive a trimester report card that fails to maintain academic eligibility will be immediately removed from any extracurricular activities in which they are currently participating.

● Students who successfully improve their grades at the halfway point of a trimester may appeal their ineligible status first to the Assistant Principal. Appeals of the Assistant Principal’s decision may be filed with the Principal within 10 days of the Assistant Principal's decision. Appeals of these decisions made by the school site administration can be made to the Student Services Director within 10 days of the Principal's decision. The decision of the Student Services Director is considered binding and not subject to further appeal.

● A "grading period" does not include any grading period in which the pupil was not in attendance for all or a majority of the grading period because of absences excused by the school for such reasons as illness, injury or approved travel.

● Note:​ The third trimester grade of the previous year shall be the basis for determining the first trimester eligibility for the following year.

13 Weeks of ineligibility

● 5 day suspension, and/or

● 2 suspensions within the same trimester Note: ​If an additional suspension occurs during the thirteen-week period, the period of ineligibility is to be extended for an additional six weeks effective the date of the subsequent suspension.