You can find more information in the CONDUCT CODE

  • Student’s attention to appearance and a student’s attitude toward himself/herself and his/her school are related; good taste and good grooming are a part of learning.
  • Students are to be clean and dress in a manner that will permit participation in educational activities.
  • Students will wear shoes with backs/heel straps. Students are to wear closed-toe-shoes for the school’s physical education and woodshop program to ensure student safety.
  • Any attire, grooming, or appearance that disrupts, or tends to disrupt, the educational process, or affects the health and safety of individuals shall be prohibited (E.C. 48900, BP 5132, AR 5132).
  • Attire that displays or promotes alcohol, controlled substances, drug use, drug paraphernalia, marijuana use, gang activity, gang affiliation, gang symbols, weapons, sexual content, inappropriate sexual pictures of sexual likeness, or violence is prohibited by the Sylvan Union School District Board of Trustees.
  • Students wearing items such as halter tops, off-the-shoulder or low-cut tops, bare midriffs, see-through or fishnet fabrics, oversize/sagging pants or shorts, short shorts, slit tank tops, shoulder straps less than 2 inches wide, or outfits which expose undergarments; all include inappropriate dress and are not allowed at school.
  • Articles of clothing with suggestive, indecent, offensive, or vulgar expressions or logos are not allowed.
  • The interpretation of the dress code will be at the discretion of the school administration.
    • First Violation Warning, change of clothes and dress code notification given
    • Second Violation Parent notification, change of clothes
    • Third Violation Parent notification, change of clothes, and detention issued.
    • Fourth Violation Parent notification, change of clothes, and other means of correction (see page 6 in Conduct Code) and/or alternative discipline
    • Fifth Violation Parent notification, change of clothes, and other means of correction (see page 6) and/or alternative discipline

All Hats, beanies, and hoodies must be removed when entering buildings and during physical education classes (unless permission is given by PE teacher due to weather).

Hats, beanies and hoodies are allowed to be worn outdoors as long as this does not cause a disruption or distraction to the school environment. Distractions and disruptions will be at the discretion of the administrator.

The only exceptions made are for medical conditions (doctor’s note is required) or for religious purposes. With a written request from a parent/guardian and prior approval from by the principal/administrative designee, an administrator may allow a student to wear a hat for physical education classes if it meets the following specification recommended by the American Cancer Society: “The hat must include a 2-3 inch all around brim to protect areas often exposed to the sun, such as the neck, ears, eyes, forehead, nose, and scalp.” (E.C. 35183.5)

Bandanas are not to be worn inside or outside on school campuses or at school activities.